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The latest CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) report shows the number of Americans with diabetes has increased to 29.1 million. It is very clear to many in the medical community that the standard advice of following low fat diets is not reducing the epidemic of diabetes. Many doctors now realize that new approaches to treating obesity and Type 2 diabetes are desperately needed, but it is hard to “go against the grain” of traditional medical advice.

Two studies currently supported by Diabetes Alternative Research show great promise to show the efficacy of complementary therapies that can help reduce this rapid increase in diabetes statistics. At Mt. Sinai Medical School Dr. Charles Mobbs has shown the ability of a ketogenic diet to reverse symptoms of both diabetic nephropathy and neuropathy, and at Auburn University Dr. Robert Judd is exploring the ability of this same high fat diet to increase the production of the antidiabetic protein adiponectin.

At Duke University, Dr. Eric Westman has also shown the benefits of the ketogenic diet for people with diabetes. In a study published in Nutritional Metabolism Dr. Westman was able to show diabetes symptoms were reversed in 95.2% of the study participants with Type 2 diabetes who used the ketogenic diet, including those who were taking as much as 40-90 units of insulin daily.

Another study published in the March 2014 Annals of Internal Medicine evaluated data from 72 studies and over 600,000 participants, and the astonishing results showed that the intake of saturated fat could not be associated with coronary disease risk.

These studies should be a wake up call to the public who need to discuss this with their doctors if they are currently taking statins or being told to focus on low saturated fat diets. This also shows the need for more research to show the benefits of alternative therapies and diet advice. We are so thankful for all the generous public support that enables us to fund many important research studies.


Jane DeVane, President, Diabetes Alternative Research and Healthcare Foundation

Jane DeVane, NP, MS, RD, Diabetes Educator